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SÚNdAY The 3Rd of december 9 PM - 10.30 pm 
Sunday the 3rd of December the moon is once again full. We invite you to join us underground for a night of talks, sake tasting, lanterns and boat tours in the deep darkness of Hiroshi Sambuichi's sensuous installation "the Water".

Between the resounding colonnades of The Cisterns, the Japanese architect has created an underground temple. Wooden footbridges made of Japanese wood guide the visitor on a tour through water and darkness.

Tickets: 100 DKK. Get your ticket here.

DUring The Christmas holidays
Get a guided boat tour in one of our traditional Japanese tub boats - a tarai-bune - and experience the installation by Sambuichi from an entirely new angle. Get a ticket for the boat tour at Billetto (link coming up soon).
Tickets: 25 DKK (+ entrance fee which is paid at the entrance)