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Cisternerne i rødt lys

Handicap access
The Cisterns are sorry that we do not yet have an elevator or the like at our entrance. However, the staff will help as much as possible, as part of the exhibition itself can be accessed with a wheelchair.

Access with stroller or baby carriage
It is not possible to bring a stroller or baby carriage in The Cisterns. You are welcome to leave it at the entrance.

You are very welcome to take photographs in The Cisterns, but please do not use flash or tripod. We look forward to see your photos under #cisternerne.

Except from service dogs, animals are not allowed in The Cisterns.

There are no toilets in The Cisterns. Public toilets are located approximately 200 meters from the Cisterns in Søndermarken Park in a little, yellow house. Our staff will point you in the right direction.

We recommend that you wear practical clothes and shoes when visiting The Cisterns, as the rooms are humid and the floors can be quite wet.

Admission fee
Adults: DKK 60 Seniors and students: DKK 50 Children (0-18 years): Free Groups (min. 20 persons): DKK 50 

Opening hours 2018

The Cisterns
Søndermarken Park just opposite Frederiksberg Palace 
2000 Frederiksberg.

In accordance with the working method of Sambuichi, the opening hours of the exhibition will vary with the length of day.

January:11 am – 2 pm
February:11 am – 3 pm